Friday, November 12, 2010

Don’t ‘Unlock Love’ on Facebook

If you notice any status on your Facebook wall that says you to run an application ‘Unlock Love’. Don’t click on it. The message contains a link that will redirect you to a malware site which lets you force to download an .exe file and this file will work as a password stealer Trojan on your computer.

If you click on that link, you will be taken to an application page which is displayed in Eastern European language that connects you to a malware website. You don’t have to click anything else, just running the application will connect you to a malware website that hosts a signed Java applet.

It then shows a pop-up and force you to install ‘Sun Microsystem Java Update 6’. Truth is, it doesn’t have any Java Update. It asks you to install an Trojan in your computer by the name of ‘Java Update’.

If you install and run this Trojan, it will work as a password stealer which can steal all passwords that are stored on your computer and passwords will be sent to an email of a Gmail account with an encrypted SMTP/TLS connection.

So beware of ‘Unlock Love’ application on Facebook and tell all your friends to not click on these type of messages.

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