Saturday, January 29, 2011

Updated: Download UC Browser 7.6 Final Patch English Translated Java & Symbian

Here a English translated versions for UC Browser 7.6 Final released for Java and Symbian phones and available for download now. Here you can download English translated version for Java and Symbian. All versions are translated by our hard working members at UC Forum. Hewe updated new patched version for Java with some bug fixed.

New Features and Optimization in UC Browser 7.6 Java:
  • The page can not be normal when dial phone numbers
  • SMS category links to the site domain name change can not send text messages
  • Switching in multiple windows, sometimes the page will automatically refresh the current
  • The focus is also located in the adding of bookmark and the bookmark icon, causing the cursor can not move up
  • New Password Manager prompt to save all your passwords. 
  • Website Optimization Website optimization input box input box, enter the URL for your content intelligent prediction, precise match.
  • Local Cookie Cookie further optimization of the local optimization, eliminating the need for you to repeatedly enter a user name and password of the trouble.
  • Sharing features easier to optimize the operation of shared features, allowing you to share interesting information anytime, anywhere and friends!
  • Optimized at the input Intelligent matching 
  • New auto-fill in a form and saving the local Cookie
  • Sharing features easier to operate, allowing you to share interesting information and friends anytime, anywhere 
  • The optimal operation of the touch screen experience on your phone
  • The night mode page image brightness optimization, to further protect your eyes
  • Support the replication function directly through free open plain text URL
  • To further improve boot speed
UC Browser 7.6 Final Patch English Modded with Password n SShoot:
  • Default password is "chen"
  • You can only change it by editing the class file in ucweb.jar/javay/microedition/lcudi/e.class
  • Press green dial key to take screen shoot
  • If you press 4 key you will go to settings menu there you can change saving path and screen shoot taking key there by changing codes
  • If will not have to press 4 key if you don't have to do any change. The default screen shoot path is memory card and screen shoot key green dial key
  • If you want to take high quality screen shoot just press 4 key and set compression level to 0 and press save.
Function Optimization UC Browser 7.6 Symbian:
  • URL input window and search window optimization
  • GUI optimization, support for more cool effects
  • Offprints text input box to support the expansion of the input layer, a line can be turned into four lines
  • Transit network optimization, network speed upgrades
  • V5 skin transformation (menu translucent, no longer compatible with earlier versions of the skin, the skin can re-download fees, no extra charge)
  • V5 business support drop-down field, enter the user no longer need to turn the two-screen center
  • wap2.0 layout optimization, support for float 
Download UC Browser v7.6.0.75 Final Unofficial English Translated:
New Patched Version for Java:
UCbrowser v7.6.0.75 Final Patch English Indian Server.jar (434 KB) (by dzebb)
UCbrowser v7.6.0.75 Final Patch English Modded.jar (with Password n SShoot, 443 KB) (by Somyab)

Old versions for Java:
UCbrowser v7.6.0.75 Final English Indian Server.jar (for Java, 424 KB) (by dzebb)
UCbrowser v7.6.0.75 Final English International Server.jar (for Java, 424 KB) (by dzebb)

Translated versions for Symbian:

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