Friday, December 24, 2010

Microsoft to reveal windows OS designed for ARM chips at CES

Microsoft planing to unveil a new Windows operating system specially designed for devices running ARM processor during the Consumer Electronics Show next month. This new OS will different from Windows 7 and its a full version of Windows designed to use in low-power devices, such as tablets, which are powered by ARM and x86 chips manufactured by Inteland AMD.

Microsoft will unveiled the new OS at CES but it will take two years to publically available. Its looks that Microsoft inspired by the success of Apple iPad and iOS. The mobile devices like tablet become very popular these days and Microsoft was motivated to design a Windows OS for use with ARM processors considering the processor’s widespread use in mobiles devices. Chips based on designs licensed by ARM consume less power than most x86 chips, helping to make them an overwhelming favorite in smartphones and tablets. The new ARM-friendly version of Windows will based on Windows 7.

According to wsj, Microsoft not only working on an ARM version of Windows, but also a larger initiative to make the Windows operating system modular. By making the OS modular, developers would be able to remove parts of Windows which would not be needed in a mobile device like a tablet. This would ensure that the OS would maintain a small footprint allowing for the performance of mobile devices to match that of Apple’s iOS.

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