Sunday, April 03, 2011

Firefox 5 Pre Alpha Now Available for Download!

Mozilla Firefox 4 Final has just released and here Mozilla has already started preparing next Firefox version 5. According to Mozilla official roadmap, next-generation Firefox 5 stable build should be available on April 13. Firefox 5 final is expected to arrive in the last week of June.
The facts are based on Mozilla release roadmap and the availability of Firefox 4.2 Pre-Alpha on Mozilla FTP server for download. According to news the Firefox 4.2 Pre-Alpha is a foundation for Firefox 5. Mozilla now refers to its new release plan officially as “Rapid Release“. The new Firefox 5 will able to handle account information on individual websites. The account manager will support multiple accounts through the URL bar and support multiple account sign-ins at the same time. The interface will also highly revamped for Firefox 5. Each process takes about 6 weeks, which means that the new UI should be available sometime in the week of May 9.

Firefox 5 will Features a very simple sharing options enable user to share with more user friendly system. The new UI will support animation. Firefox’ new user interface will include desktop apps that will allow websites to take advantage of tab menus much like we are using a context menu for a regular application on our computers today. Mozilla 5 is also expected to polish the search bar, update the account manager and the user add-on selection process. It has 50 common tasks flow problem of high priority improvement.

Firefox 5 also features new intelligent bookmarks manager with search function, make very easy to manage and find your bookmarks. In new Firefox 5 each process comes with a label to reduce crash impact.
Firefox 5 will support web platform technology and hardware acceleration to improve 3D transformation of the CSS and seamless full-screen video viewing.
Firefox 5 is currently just in early stages of its development and we need to wait more for more details to arrive. You can download the new version for any platform here.

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