Thursday, May 26, 2011

Bolt Browser 2.51 Released

Bitstream Bolt Inc. has released their latest version of Bolt Browser 2.51. Bolt Browser is one the most popular mobile internet browser for java enable mobile phones. Here are some features of Bolt Browser and optimized functions of brand new version of Bolt Browser.

  • Loads complete web pages in seconds
  • Patented navigation and display technologies get you where you're going faster

  • View streaming flash or HTML5 videos from sites like YouTube, Facebook and MTV
  • Enjoy Twitter and Facebook widgets with BOLT's web app platform
  • Easily switch between multiple sites with tabbed browsing
  • Post to your Facebook or Twitter account directly from BOLT while you browse
  • Backup your favorites in the cloud

  • Full desktop PC-style browsing on all types of mobile phones
  • Run Web-based applications, like Mafia Wars and Google Docs
  • Web content is never reformatted, repurposed, or removed
  • Browse any site with the best page rendering available
Whats new in 2.5!
  • For years, BOLT team has strived to bring the most innovative, usable features that delight our users and provide the best mobile Internet experience. With release 2.5 of the BOLT browser, we have raised the bar further toprovide a simplified, smart, powerful web browsing experience.
  • Geolocation support : BOLT 2.5's geolocation feature allows auser with a GPS enabled device to pass latitude and longitude information to location enabled websites through the browser.
  • Expanded coverage of video sites, Release 2.5 supports playback of videos on Facebook.
  • Upgrade to Webkit 5 in BOLT'scloud.
  • Even greater HTML5 support. BOLT continues to lead the way for support of HTML5 standards amongst mobile browsers. BOLT 2.5 supports HTML5 audio and video streaming while providing the highest compliance with HTML 5 standards compared to all other browsers in the space.
  • Revamped user interface. Get access to BOLT's most frequently used features in lesser clicks with a more streamlined layout, menustructure and help. Widgets are now available through BOLT homepage.
  • Download Manager has been upgraded to maintain download history even after the exiting the browser and resume last download after browser re-launch.
Download Bolt Browser from below:
Bolt Browser 2.51.jar
Bolt Browser 2.51.jad

Note: If you are unable to install above version then try to install light version. Download from below.

Download Bolt Browser light version from below:
Bolt Browser light 2.51.jar
Bolt Browser light 2.51.jad

Note: If you have installed previous version of bolt browser then open your bolt browser and it will prompt you to automatically update to the newer version.

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