Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Hi Everyone! Now I am providing you another website which allow you to earn real money from internet. It is PLUNDER. Plunder is a free website where you can upload your files & data, and you can share it with your friends and in other websites. You will get paid if your anyone download your files. You will get 1 silver coin (eight) with every download. You will get 1 gold coin (Doubloon) when you have 8 silver coins. You can withdraw $5 with your 600 gold coins. For more information visit: www.plunder.com

Some FAQs of plunder:
You earn one Piece of Eight when somebody downloads one of the files in your profile. Once you have 8 Piece of Eight coins you earn a Doubloon .

= 1 download
= 8

Doubloons will be used to purchase items from our online shop.

How is my rank calculated?
Rank is calculated by the total coins you have earnt including any you have spent.

How much space can I use?
There are no space limits. However, in order to preserve diskspace we may delete files that have not been accessed for over 1 month. If you are a registered user this only applies if you are over your current diskspace allowance. Your diskspace allowance can be increased from the shop.

How do I delete a file?
To delete a file turn on edit mode from the top navigation. Click the Edit link at the side of your file. Now scroll down and check the Confirm Delete checkbox and submit.

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