Sunday, December 26, 2010

Google Chrome OS Reviews

It still may be too early to truly pass judgement, but for those who got their hands on Google's Chrome OS here are their reviews.
In late November of 2009, Google unveiled more details of its new Chrome operating system (OS). Google’s Chrome OS will be a whole new type of operating system—the company is calling it a lightweight operating system that will take place within a Chrome-based browser. The company says it envisioned Chrome as a Web-only experience, so you can kiss your file system and software applicationsgoodbye. One of the fixes for this new operating system that has caused a bit of chattering is that it’s supposed to be extremely fast. Google is gearing the Chrome OS for speed: speedy Web access, speedy Web browsing, and just over all speed in performance.

Another important feature of Google’s Chrome OS is its storage. The Chrome OS model essentially uses local storage only for caching and to speed operations, allowing the operating system to store individual users’ data in cloud-based applications and services. This will provide quite a convenience for people—to be able to tap into theironline lives from a variety of machines and locations. All-in-all this new OS is starting to sound mighty tempting—speed and convenience, what a perfect OS features.

Well, not everyone will be looking to Google’s new OS when it debuts this year—it just may not suit everyone’s personal taste. Also, Google has made some very bold promises regarding its new OS—speed and security, namely—and we would like to know just how those promises measure up to the real Chrome OS experience. Although this new operating system may be too young to be put to the test, many people are—here are the few reviews of Google’s new Chrome OS operating system.

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