Friday, October 15, 2010

Concept: “On Time” Wrist Phone Offers Bling

News flash: your wrist is lonely and needs some good bling to spruce it up. Or so the folks at Yanko Design are telling us, anyway. Yanko is always thinking of new innovations in the mobile market, and they feel the LG Watch Phone shouldn’t have the whole wrist spotlight to itself.

Today they offered up an idea. Instead of having an entire phone on your wrist, why not just have a secondary LCD screen attached to a bracelet that also happens to tell time? Have this bracelet vibrate when a call comes in, and use the LCD screen to show who is calling. When the call is over, it goes back to telling the time. This way, it’s still technically a watch and a handy phone accessory at the same time.
The screen would be touch-enabled, so you can accept or deny the call directly from your bracelet.
Here are some conceptual images detailing the vision behind the wrist accessory.
The On Time system would include a Bluetooth headset also with a LCD screen with similar capabilities. Both screens would be touch-enabled.
Would this idea ever fly though? Will the wrist-phone concept catch on at all? I think it would all depend on the cost. It wouldn’t ever catch on if there is a $1,000 price tag involved, that’s for sure.

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