Sunday, March 06, 2011

Download Google Maps 5.2 For Android Smartphones To Get The "Ping" Feature

Google has just begun pushing the Google Maps 5.2 update for Android smartphones in order to get new features like ping and post Twitter updates with place ratings. The features are pretty cool if you don’t mind sharing too much information on the internet. The ping feature allows Android users to “ping” their friends to check in a place.

You can download Google Maps 5.2 free for Android smartphones at the Android Market here. Please note that the app requires Android 1.6 or higher!

Also we must specify another thing: if you want to ping one of your friends, then he/she will have to install Google Maps 5.2 or else it will not work.

Let me know if you’ve downloaded the update and if you’ve tested the new Google Maps features. More details on how to use the features can be found at Google’s official blog here.

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