Monday, December 06, 2010

BSNL Micro SIM Card For Apple Devices With Unlimited 3G Plan

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd (BSNL) has launched the micro SIM cards which is specifically designed for Apple devices such as Apple iPad 3G, Apple iPhone 4 or any other devices which support micro SIM card. Also announced different 3G Data plans forsame.
Sanjay Kunal, General Manager Sales of BSNL said, "BSNL "The BSNL is beginning the new scheme in collaboration with apple for which both prepaid and postpaid data plans have been introduced along with micro SIM card. Specially tailored Tariff for the Unlimited 3G Data plan for Apple devices starts for just Rs. 99 to Rs. 999 without any data cap or Fair Usage Policy (FUP)."
BSNL Micro SIM Kit will cost Rs. 100 which divided as Rs. 30 for the Micro sim and Rs. 70 for the 3G FRC Starter Plan. This SIMs will available in 3G services area only. The BSNL Micro SIM card and 3G tariff plan for Apple Devices will be available only from BSNL CSC.

Prepaid Tariff Details for BSNL 3G Micro SIM:
3G RCV for Apple device/Micro SIM
Unlimited 3G (Monthly)
Unlimited 3G (Daily)
Limited 3G Plan
Free Data usage limit(Home & Roam)
6 GB
Data charges beyond free usage
1p/10kb (Home & Roam)
30 Days
1 Day
30 Days
Postpaid Tariff Details for BSNL 3G Micro SIM:
Unlimited 3G Postpaid Plan for Apple Device with Micros SIM
Activation Charge
` 100
Monthly Rate
` 999
Free Usage Data Limit
1 Month
The new Micro SIM that also known as a 3FF SIM, is a diminutive 12 x 15mm, about 52% smaller than the standard SIM card. The actual reason why micro SIM is being introduced is very unclear. Some valid reasons quoted are to reduce the physical space required for the SIM card and to differentiate SIMs for data-only devices. The standard SIM has a size of 15 x 25mm plastic card.

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