Saturday, January 29, 2011

Gmail Introduced Desktop Notifications for Email and Chat

Gmail has officially introduced a new desktop notification for Email and Chat messages. The desktop notification currently available for Google Chrome users and allows Gmail to display popup notifications through a nice HTML5 on your desktop when new chat and email messages arrive. This feature is very useful to never miss an important email and chat and save your time to checking inbox every-time.

Now you don't need to switch Gmail window to see if you got new message or not, or you've important chat conversations with your friends. All they will appear in the pop-up window in any tab.

How to Setup Gmail Desktop Notification for Email and Chat Messages:
To enable this feature, go to Settings in the top right corner of your Gmail account and then scroll down to the “Desktop Notifications”. You can see tow option there, Chat notifications and New Mail notification. Choose whether you want to receive notifications for chat, email or important email.

Gmail Desktop Notification features is only available for Google chrome user but according to Google, it'll soon will available for other browsers like IE, Safari, Firefox etc. Though we can also use service like GWatchman, Google Mail Checker Plus for etc to receive instant notifications for email.

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