Saturday, December 04, 2010

How to backup your blog

Backing up your blog contents is very very important. Why? Because your blogspot blog can be running smoothly today and yet it also can all of a sudden disappear, without warning. It happened before and will happen again in the future. Playing by the rules doesn’t make you immune either, because mistake happens too. You are at the mercy of Blogger, so be prepared. If you haven’t yet backed up for your blog, then do it now.

Below are 5 ways to backup you Blogger blog:

1. Using feed
First of all you need to ensure the feed will contain complete post contents (including images). Go to Dashboard>Settings>Site Feed, in Allow Blog Feeds dropdown, select FULL.
  • Posts -Go to this url and save the page in your PC:
  • Comments -Go to this url and save the page in your PC:
If you redirect your blog feed, then append &redirect=false at the end of the url.

2. Using export function
  • Posts -Dashboard>Settings>Blog Tools >Export Blog. The blog posts (in XML) will be downloaded to your PC. (To import it, use Dashboard>Settings>Blog Tools >Import Blog).
  • Comments -No comments will be backed up.
3. Using Email feature
Using the method below will let Blogger send you an email every time you publish a post or receive a comment.
  • Posts -Dashboard>Settings>Email & Mobile. Under Email Notifications, enter your email address in the Blogsend Address textbox.
  • Comments -Dashboard>Settings>Comments, enter your email address in the Comment Notification Email textbox.
4. Using Windows Live Writer
If you are using Window Live Writer as your post editor, a copy of your post is kept in your PC.
  • Posts -You can find the posts in My Documents\My Weblog Posts\Recent Posts.
  • Comments -Not applicable.
5. Using Httrack
HTTrack downloads all files into your PC and creates a mirror copy of your blog offline. You can browse the blog as if you were online, posts, comments and all. HTTrack is available for Windows and Linux. Download it here. Once downloaded use this this instructions to install it in your PC.

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