Tuesday, January 04, 2011

IndiaVibes First Indian Web TV Has Launched

Vibes Visual & Media Pvt Ltd is a Kochi based firm and full fledged visual production company has started Indiavibes, the first Web TV service in India. Indiavibes is a competitive edge is the technology it is running on. Even at low bandwidth speeds it will provide high quality legitimate FREE content. Indiavibes can be accessed from the internet as well as a mobile.

Indiavibes brings a huge collection of TV shows and movies for its audiences to choose from. You cannot download these shows or films on your PC as Indiavibes uses the adaptive streaming technology which will stream the videos for viewing.
According Indiavibes, "Our vision is to showcase the richness of India’s entertainment culture to the world. We wish to make Indiavibes as its name suggests the one stop shop for all the entertainment for global audiences."
You will not need any special downloads to view Indiavibes. Indiavibes.tv would be optimized for best performance according to Broadband speeds using adaptive streaming which will practically remove ‘buffering’ to deliver uninterrupted video in great quality. Users can use Adobe Flash Player 10 to view Indiavibes for uninterrupted entertainment completely FREE!
Indiavibes will be creating content and a programme of its own giving its users the ultimate freedom to watch their choice of content. It will cover fashion, music, films, business, technology, blogging, lifestyle, current affairs and almost everything a general user would need and get a choice. Indiavibes aspires to provide high quality premium visual entertainment content to Indian audiences in US, Europe, Australia, South East Asia and other international destinations with Indian population. Indiavibes is one of the very few media streaming companies that promise to deliver good quality, legal and unlimited content to its viewers.

You will need browsers like Google Chrome, IE, Firefox and Safari to view Indiavibes. A system has to be compatible with either WINDOWS and/or MAC with Adobe Flash Player 10 and at least a 512 MB RAM and 800 MH processor for viewing of Indiavibes. Indiavibes.tv will also be optimized for mobiles and also provide application platforms for many mobiles making Indiavibes.tv available on 3G, CDMA, WiFi or WiMAX network. The video quality experience would be optimized for the mobile networks and mobile screen size to provide the best user experience possible. Applications are being built for all phones running the following OS/applications. Following mobile type are supported: iPhone, Adobe Flash Lite 3.0, Symbian OS, J2ME, Windows Mobile 6.1, Blackberry and Android.

You can visit http://www.indiavibes.tv to see how it works.

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