Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Microsoft May Launch Brand New Set Top Box

After having many disasters like WebTV, Media centre and Microsoft TV, The software giant Microsoft has once again decided to jump into the arena of television devices with its latest Set top box.
The only success that Microsoft ever had with television devices was the Microsoft's Xbox 360 gaming console. But after the huge success of its rivals Google and Apple in the world of television devices, Microsoft has decided that it is time to complete with them in that field also.

A newspaper report by Seattle Times stated that the new Microsoft set top box is the integration of basic Windows and Windows Media Center. The interface is that of Windows Media Center. The device is also capable of being controlled by a remote and stream media from online sources. The price tag of this set top box is $200 approx. This new device is intending to make TV viewing more pleasurable by mixing normal TV with the Media Centre. This integration allows you to stream videos from the net and watch it on your TV. More detail about this awesome device will be released by Microsoft when it opens the CES 2011 this week. It is all set to be the main attraction provided by Microsoft in the show.

It is now left to be seen if Microsoft could do the wonder it did with Xbox 360 again. But whatever the case this device is the one to look out for at the CES 2011. If it is half as good as Microsoft says it is, then it would completely change the way you see television.

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