Sunday, January 09, 2011

Samsung DDR4 RAM at 2133 Mbps is a World First

CES just wouldn’t be the same without its fair share of “World’s first” claims. So, keeping up with tradition is Samsung, which has announced that it has created the World’s first DDR4 DRAM. Samsung’s new 30-nanometer-process memory modules are said to run at more than twice the speed of current DDR3 modules, and will also use less power. This will be useful on low-power devices such as Ultra-portable laptops and netbooks.

Samsung says that typical DDR3 memory modules available today use around 1.5V of electrical current, whereas its new DDR4 modules will use just 1.2 Volts. Data transfer speeds on the new DDR4 module can reach 2.133Gbps, according to the company, but it could eventually reach higher speeds of up to 4Gbps. All of this sounds very impressive, but Samsung gave no details as to when we can expect DDR4 to hit the market.

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