Wednesday, January 12, 2011

UC Browser 7.5 Java Final Official Goes Public Today

UC Mobile today announced Browser 7.5 Java Official Final after the public beta last month. At the end of last year published a beta version as Christmas present for users and now the final and stable version released for UC Browser 7.5 Java version. It has so many great features to improve your browsing experience and strongly recommend you to update.

Two months before, when UC Browser 7.4 version was released, a lot of new features were introduced to this cool browser. During this period, millions of customers have downloaded our browser and enjoy the fantastic mobile browsing experience. As Java users requested for new functions from UC Forum, and UC Browser Facebook page and feedback function in 7.4 version, UC Mobile heard these voices and now comes the new version for Java. You can download it here right now. Here a overview of updates.

Highlighted Improvements
Free Copy: In our 7.4 release this function reappear in Symbian version, so many users have called us to add this great feature to Java version as well. After 2 months’ development, our engineers finally port it to Java, Cheers!
Anytime you want to copy, search and share the text, select Tools>Copy or press '#'+'8', then choose Free Copy.
Firstly you select the start point and then slide it to the end point, no matter what content you select, it could be copy, searched or shared by SMS. Even if the text is so small, in title bar there will be enlarged details, and the numbers of character now being selected.

Pre Load: Pre-load allows you to save the time more than the money. If you are reading continuous pages, connected with “next page”, “next character” or so, you must want to turn on the pre-load feature. The pre-load feature is an unique feature to enjoy the seamless reading experience.

Alternative Proxy Input: Now you can change the proxy server to access any page you want to go, no matter whether UC Server could access it directly. Both proxy server and port are available to fill, even the username and password (use format username:password@proxyaddress:port). You must specify which domains to work on.

Keep Alive: Use 'keep-alive' technique to accelerate your browsing speed, which means there will be never disconnect just because of holding on one page.
That is a great feature to allow users read a piece of novel or paper continuously, especially using a low-bandwidth browser such as UC Browser!

More Preferences: More preferences are now available, such as block size is now provide selections from 10K, 50K, 100K, to 300K, 600K, until 1M, 2M, 3M, doubled than ever before. Nevertheless, My Shortcuts is available for One row or Two rows, and auto-refresh interval can be shortened to 10 seconds, as you wish.

Default Relay: In the first time, UC Browser changes its default value to let WAP Access via Server. This decision takes better performance on visiting some XHTML pages. Although it signify our server will received several times request, we are happy to leave the best experience to our users.

Full Changelog:
  1. Free Copy comes to Java, finally.
  2. Manage to set proxy server, to access some intranet sites.
  3. WWW pre-load is now supported to make reading faster than ever.
  4. When reading a web page, keep alive with server.
  5. Upgrade the core to the latest, as the same as Chinese version.
  6. Add accept-language string for visiting some multi-language sites.
  7. Mouse is moving quicker if long-press direction button, named Quick up/down.
  8. Now auto-refresh interval can be shortened to 10 seconds, in order to track match score or so.
  9. More download section (Block size) settings, to match different network and speeding download rate.
  10. Changed some default settings, e.g. automatically using the middle server for all pages. So as to provide a better rendering effect.
  11. Some bug fix and little improvement.
System Requirements
  • Mobile Phones Supporting JavaME newer than MIDP 1.0;
  • At least 512k internal storage.
Download UC Browser Final Official English:
Signed Versions:
UC Browser Official English_India_Signed.jar (396 KB)
UC Browser Official English_India_Signed.jad (7 KB)
UC Browser Official English_International_Signed.jar (396 KB)
UC Browser Official English_International_Signed.jad (7 KB)
UC Browser Official English_Indonesia_Signed.jar (396 KB)
UC Browser Official English_Indonesia_Signed.jad (7 KB)

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