Saturday, February 26, 2011

Complete list of Facebook Chat Emotions

Here are the current facebook smileys codes that can be used on facebook just type in the code in the chat bar and hey presto you have a cool facebook smiley. To use the Facebook Emoticons code just copy it then paste it into your Facebook Emoticons Chat bar.

New!!Penguin emote: <(")
Shark emote: (^^^)
Happy emote: :) or :-)
Really happy emote: :D or :-D
Wink emote: ;) or ;-)
Kiki Emo: ^_^
Laughing eyes: >:o
Cat smile: :3
Grumpy: >:-(
Sad: :( or :-(
Crying emote: :'(
Shocked emote: :o or :-o
Glasses emote: 8) or 8-)
Cool shades: 8-|
Rude: :p or :-p
Woot?!: O.o
Dork emote: -_-
Duhhh emote: :/ or :\
Devil emote: 3:)
Angel emote: O:)
Kiss emote: :-* or :*
Love emote: <3
Pacman: :v
Robot: :|]

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