Saturday, April 09, 2011

A Sneak Peak Into Windows 8

Microsoft dominates the Computer Operating System market. In 2009, it launched Windows 7 which was a great success.. Now, Microsoft is in the process of developing its latest OS, Windows 8. It is still couple of years away from being launched. Though Microsoft is very secretive, some of the features of this new OS have been leaked recently. Here is a list of these features.

Windows Explorer Ribbon
In windows 8, you may see a ribbon user interface instead of the traditional toolbar. Currently the ribbon interface is used in Microsoft Office programs like Word, Excel and Powerpoint. But, this new interface will now be seen in every explorer window.

Immersive UI
Windows 8 may feature an immersive user interface. Immersive is the name given to Windows’ new tablet/phone user interface.

Native PDF reader
Windows 8 will have a native PDF (Portable Document Format) reader. It is tentatively named as ‘Modern Reader’. It will utilise the new AppX application package type. It displays the PDFs in full fidelity. You can of course zoom in, zoom out, navigate in the document. It has a sidebar (a page scrubber) using which you can jump in the document. If you jump, there is a ‘Back’ button to return to the previous spot. You can also view the pages side-by-side.

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