Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Sakshat - a $35 tablet to be released later this month

Do you remember a $35 tablet announced by government of India for students and teachers in colleges and Universities. As per the latest reports, the tablet which has been named as “Sakshat” will be released later this month (actual dates are not known yet).

Indian Government announced a Rs.1,500 ($30) laptop / Tablet PC for students and teachers in colleges and Universities. The device is currently not available for sale in the market as government has decided to launch it for students in later this month. Sakshat is a result of a project undertaken by IISc (the Indian Institute of Science) and 4 IIT’s (Indian Institute of Technology). The objective of the project is to bridge the divide of digital gap amongst the students in India.

Specifications of Sakshat
  • Display: Touch Screen
  • Keyboard: Built in
  • RAM: 2GB
  • Connectivity: Wifi, USB
  • Operating System: Android
  • Power: 2 watt
  • It has single unit system which has a touch screen.
  • It has a keyboard which is in-built.
  • It is operated by a 2 watt system so that it can even perform in areas where power supply is low.
The tablet features
  • Video web conferencing facility,
  • Multimedia content viewer for example capability for pdf, jpeg, zip, etc,
  • Computing capabilities such as Open Office, SciLab and
  • Internet browsing with flash plug-in, JavaScript.
  • It is enabled with a touch screen.
  • An in-built keyboard is attached with this tablet.
  • Wifi connectivity and USB port are this tablet’s additional features.
  • 2 watt system is used up by this tablet so that it can even perform in areas where power supply is low.
As per the current news which is available, the government will sell this tablet to educational institutes at a subsidized price, and it will not be available for retail purchase. There is also news that by end of June, around 10000 Sakshat devices will be shipped to IIT Rajasthan. The devices are being manufactured by HCL.

You can watch the video of Sakshat tablet below:

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