Saturday, August 06, 2011

Download NetQin Mobile Security V5.0 Pro for s60v5 Devices

Scr000101.jpgNetQin Mobile Security v5.0 is designed to protect Symbian devices against viruses and malware, while keeping your system running at optimum speed.

Featured in Mobile Security is the availability of scanning and deletion, with Cloud + Client Twin Engine Technology and real-time protection. Frequent virus database updates are readily available to ensure our users are fully protected from the latest threats! Also included is an Anti-lost feature, which runs on GPS tracking, and a full cross-server contacts backup system also provide full protection for users' data.
Here I am sharing free pre-member activated version

Here are some features of NetQin Mobile Security:
Scr000103.jpgScan, detect and kill viruses with our award-winning twin-engine (Cloud + Client) anti-virus scanning technology! Now packed with multiple scanning options (One-touch scan, Full scan, Scheduled scan, Real-time protection)! Enjoy browsing with the assurance that malicious websites rendered in the browsers are being block, and malicious URLs in messages are identified prior to opening! Traffic Monitoring.

Mobile Anti-lost:
Anti-lost runs with remote control-like functions, providing worldwide protection for financial losses and privacy leakage. 'Anti-lost' allows users to locate a lost phone, sound an alarm on it, and trace where exactly it
is. If the user gives up on the possibility of getting the device back, the content on the phone can be
completely deleted via simple remote commands sent to the phone. We prohibit download of our products and
services by residents of countries sanctioned the U.S. Office of Foreign Assets Control.

Traffic Monitoring:With expensive data rates and wanting to get the most out of a smartphone, people often go
over their monthly data limit, resulting in unexpected high phone bills. With this new feature, real-time info of data usage on your device and cap a maximum data usage limit to make sure you never go over your limit.

Contacts Backup:
Backup and restore contacts to an SD card or to our server. This allows users to retrieve their complete
contact list to the same or a different device, making sure the loss of a device does not equate
to the lost of precious contacts. This feature also to eases the process of upgrading to a new phone, as it is available cross-platform to Android and Symbian devices.

Download NetQin Mobile Security v5.0 Pro for S60v5:
NetWin Mobile Security v5.0 Pro.sis [1.19 MB]

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