Friday, August 19, 2011

Download Opera mini mod 4.21 beta 7 english version for Java phones

Opera mini mod 4.21 beta 7 version has been released and its translated version is now available for download. Opera mini mod is a series of modified version of original Opera mini 4.21 which are modified by by DG-SC team which provides lots more features and improvements. It has new features like free copy, better skin mode and lots of optimization for best performance.

Change Log for Opera Mini Mod 4.21 Beta 7:
  • Custom layout for direct entry in the file "k" in the archive jar: The name of the layout - [L] [LC] [CL] [C] [N] The first character - 0 .. 9 * # - key for which the specified character sequence. Subsequent to end of line characters - a sequence search. Newline is referred to as "\ n". To specify the shift key after the first character more than anything not to enter.
  • Wrap text in the field of direct input.
  • Multi-buffer exchange in the immediate text.
  • Use T9 (iTAP) in the immediate text. T9 (iTAP) language in the text box addresses.
  • Edit a text file in the mode of direct entry of text.
  • Templates for direct input of text field.
  • Opt out permanently visible clock on the screen when displaying tips on direct input.
  • Changing the appearance of the animation field direct input of text.
  • In the loader, at the opening address by the menu "Open URL ...", address is stored as the current one.
  • Remade window color selection.
  • Clicking on the "Menu" is processed when you release.
  • Change of rendering in user mode.
  • Font color, fabric and color selection in the immediate text colors are set: 71,72,76.
  • The address and search engines are on one line at home.
  • Burn the page below the direct input of text.
  • Edit text selection in a single-box enter the address.
  • Edit cursor in selection mode, the text on the page.
  • Edit rendering clicking on the command "Forward".
  • Edit display the scroll bar.
  • Edit determine the properties file.
  • Edit determine the maximum width of the text in the field of direct text input.
  • Edit cleaning private cookies.
  • Edit to open links from the loader.
  • Edit cursor location in the file list after changing the folder properties.
  • Edit text selection in the immediate text.
  • Edit display scroll bars for the field of direct input of text.
  • Edit icon creation, when an increase in height resulted in an increase in width and, accordingly, the amount will go beyond the allowed limits.
  • Processing prolonged confinement stylus on the scroll field directly enter text.
  • Edit fringing fields directly enter text.
Thanx to Priatama (UC Forum member) for English translation opera mini mod.

Download Opera mini mod 4.21b7:
Opera mini 4.21 beta 7 en.jar [370KB]
Opera mini 4.21 beta 7 en [367KB]

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