Wednesday, November 30, 2011

UC Browser 8.0 Official Version Released For Java Mobiles

After a long waiting period, UC Mobile Ltd. released the latest version of most awaited mobile internet browser: UC Browser! With the releasing of UC Browser 8.0, a new Era is begin with the most convenient mobile internet browsing experience. Even though lots of bugs found in  test version of UC Browser 8.0, UC Team somehow managed it to release the latest version before the end of November. 

The new UC Browser v8.0 Java Build 11112416 is not a final version and still in beta, not only beautiful, but also intelligent than before. The new Black classic theme make it beautiful than ever. Do you still think excellent user experience is just belong to high-end phones? Ucweb said no. We think A good Browser is what Can provide good browsing to all users. When every developer goes to Android & iOS, Ucweb is still keep bring innovation to the large community of Java users.

Here are some features of the latest version:
  • Beautiful looks: Beauty is not the patent of Iphone or Android phones, Java phone could also make it. The classical black gives you a cool tech style with brand new User Interface. 
  • More efficient: In UC 8.0 Beta for Java. We optimized the interface layout and menus, you can find the useful features easily. 
  • Magical action function: When you operate on Windows via PC, it's convenient to choose what you want in the right mouse botton menu. The right mouse botton in different places, then the popup menus are different,. In the same philosophy, UC Browser knows what you want when you stop at a place and gives the most convenient options to choose.
Download UC Browser 8.0 for Java Mobiles:

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