Saturday, September 17, 2011

QQ Browser Mini 2.2 International English Version Released for Java Phones

QQ Browser Mini Version Official International English version has been released for all Java supported phones. This mini version is best for all java mobile users with limited or low memory. QQ browser is a free, fast and compact mobile browser developed by QQ China and Tencent. QQ Browser is very similar to the UC Browser in look and User-Interface. This new mini version of QQ Browser is better than older version as its based on English server and allows you to access thousands of sites on your phone as fast and easily.

QQ Browser is free to download and also free to use. QQ Browser can turn WWW pages in WAP pages for better display and smaller image size for mobile experience. All the pages are optimized and compressed before being sent to your phone and the data transferred to your phone is significantly reduced to making mobile surfing cheaper and faster.

Key Features in QQ Browser Mini:
  • Easy surfing with popular websites pre-embedded in QQ
  • Cheaper mobile surfing with advanced compression technology
  • Multiple–tabs that make mobile browsing swift and smooth.
  • Surf your favorite sites
  • Mobile surfing cheaper
  • Stable Network 
  • Multiple-tabs
  • Site navigation
  • Download Manager
  • Pre-load
  • Bookmark and History
  • URL auto-completion
  • Night Mode
New features in this version:
  • Web browsing Satisfying web browsing experience, support wap and www page view
  • Allow users to save and open bookmarks, faster and more convenient
  • Support multiple windows/tabs and better tab management
  • Copy and paste support. Copying and pasting any text and URL
  • Support using shortcuts to simplify operation
  • Themes and brightness settings. Support adjusting themes and brightness adjustment
Download QQ Browser Mini Official International English version:

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