Saturday, October 30, 2010

Indian Web Browser Epic Released Version 1.2

Indian web browser Epic just released its latest version, Epic 1.2. Epic is the first-ever web browser for India and its the world's only antivirus browser. Hidden Reflex, an Indian startup running since 2008, developed and launched India's first web browser entitled 'Epic'. Its creators claim that it can scan your computer for viruses, track your stock portfolio, type in 12 Indian languages, book travel tickets, spot phishing attacks at the same time, without having to visit multiple websites or switch between applications, all for free.

The Main Features in Epic:
~1500+ Indian Themes and Wallpapers.
~Type in Indian Languages. Easily. EveryWhere
~Blazing Fast:
Built on the latest Mozilla Firefox.
Tweaked for speed.
Faster Browsing.
Faster Downloads.
~Sidebar Applications:

1500+ Apps. All Free. Have more fun. Be more productive. Or both.
~India. Instantly:
Latest Film Songs. Live Cricket Scores. News from a Dozen+ Leading Sources. Regional and Hindi Language News. Live TV. Stock Quotes. Events. Videos. Even a Daily Joke.

What’s new in Epic 1.2:
Faster Load Times – Epic claims that 1.2 has nearly 20% faster start-up times and faster rendering than its predecessor.
One-Click Super-AntiVirus Scan for File Downloads – Download links will have a virus scan option powered by VirusTotal, which will scan the file before you download it, by cross checking the linked file with over 40 different anti-virus engines.
Removal of Native AntiVirus Scanner – Epic realized that the inbuilt anti-virus scanner was causing browser instability in previous versions, and have hence removed it from v1.2. They are working on integrating a new virus-scanner with future versions.
New Facebook and Twitter Sidebars – Epic has supposedly “vastly improved” its Facebook and Twitter sidebars, and they are now complete with popup alerts.
Improved Sidebar Interface – Epic has given users the ability to hide sidebars. The new interface has also made sidebars thinner than before, giving users more browsing space. Users will also be able to drag files directly from their My Computer sidebar as attachments to their Gmail.
New Shopping and India Sidebars – Epic has created a new shopping sidebar which will update users on the latest hot deals around, and, the India sidebar will now also feature hundreds of Bollywood and regional films.
New Window Controls – Epic has improved on its window controls, making the minimize, maximize and close buttons more visible than before
Bookmark Apps – Users can now bookmark their favourite websites, and turn them in an Epic App, simply by clicking on the star button or adding the webpage to the bookmarks.
Recommended Apps – Epic gives its users the option of choosing from its recommended apps, to help them find the best apps in the long list of apps available.
New Skins and Sharing – Apart from enjoying the hundreds of more skins, users can also share skins via Facebook and Twitter.
Auto-Save Text Fields – Epic provides users the option of auto-saving text fields, giving them peace of mind.

If you already using previous versions, you will be automatically prompted to upgrade browser, while new users will be able to download Epic 1.2 from here.

Free Download Epic Web Browser: 
Epic Browser 1.2

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