Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Download Opera 11 Snapshot Update with Core, UNIX and Extensions Fixes

Opera has released a new build 1055 updated snapshot of upcoming Opera 11 version. This comes with several bug fix and improvements. There's a lot of Core fixes, and plenty of *nix fixes are also in. Next there are several Opera extensions fixes and improvements. Now you can use external repositories as your extensions auto update source. You can also install extensions from external repositories and add these addresses to white list to make your life easier next time. The extensions installer has a new look plus it shows additional info about installed extension.

For extensions developers, from now on if you drag'n'drop extension's config.xml file onto Opera a separate list is created in Extensions Manager which is titled 'Developer mode'. Each entry on this list has additional buttons: 'Reload' (you don't have to install and uninstall to see the changes now, just click 'Reload') and 'Open containing folder' which we think can be quite useful.
According to Opera, "We are working hard on making our new extensions feature better, more functional and more stable. This build is the result of more than a week of our work on extensions, and also contains a small Unite surprise, fixes for the new Windows installer, and a nice set of *nix bug fixes. From now on, Unite Application will no longer be delivered with the browser installer. Instead, they will be downloaded when launched for the first time. This noticeably reduces the installer size."

There's a new feature which involves an autoupdate feature for Opera Extensions and Unite Applications as well. It is not fully functional yet, as we are still working over server farm configuration.
Attention Extension Developers! Here's something you were definitely waiting for. You don't need to pack and install your extension every time you want to just test it. Now you can simply drag&drop your config.xml onto the browser for a quick preview.

Download Opera 11.00_1045 for Window, Linux and Mac:

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