Friday, November 12, 2010

UC Browser v 7.5 Beta S60v5 Unoffiial English by RANjAN

UC Browser v Build 10110913 S60v5 English Translated by RANjAN(RELEASE DATE : 09-11-2010)

Test Focus:
WIFI switch,www page pre-reading,flv player (V3).
Functional Development and Optimization:
1. WIFI automatic switching.
2. UC micro Broadcom,enabling all to share a key set of micro-Blog.
3. Interim Pre-Reading: WEB page can be pre reading,open the compressed transfer can also be read-WAP (to be opened in the system settings).
4. FLV plug-in optimization,with the latest flv plugin to support playback h264 video,and support most of the video.(Only S60v3 FP1 and FP2 version,and some Samsung models for V3 MR not supported).
5. All kinds of pop-up dialog box from the drawing.
6. Copy support for line breaks and white space.
7. No Image mode or when the image failed to load additional open the picture.(interim page open the picture,the first closed beta is temporarily unavailable).
8. Upload picture selection screen to display images.
9. S60v5 sliding screen optimization,and support for touch screen flip.
10. S60v5 full screen can set the Hide title bar or menu bar.
11. S60v5 drag the scroll bar support.

Download from below:
UC-Browser 7.5 Beta s60v5 Indian server.sis

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