Sunday, December 19, 2010

Download opera mini mod 4.2 test 12 english

Opera Mini Mod 4.2 Test 12 has been released today.
Opera Mini Mod is a series of modded version of original Opera Mini with advanced new features like Download Manager, File Manager, Copy-Paste feature, Multi-Tab browsing, Customizable Shortcuts, Templates, Multi-clipboard, Import/Export bookmarks, Color Skin Maker, Control the Backlight brightens and many other advanced features in single package. Here the English translated version available for Opera Mini Mod 4.2 Test with new splash screen 12 and handler versions for Test 10 also available now.

New Features in Opera Mini Mod 4.2 Version:
Download Manager: The brand new download manager with pause/resuming support. It also has download block size. You can add as many files in the download manager and simultaneously download them.

File Manager: You can use this advanced file manager for modify, view and other management to your file. You can play media files,view pictures, hidden files and add/edit text. Even you can edit hex data with it.
Copy-Paste Function: Similar to that in opera mini mod 3, means you can copy and paste text from any web page.
Multi Tab/Windows: Multi-window browsing for opening more than one site at a time.
~Keypad shortcuts at will.
~Templates for easy input.
~Multi Clipboard.
~Import/Export bookmarks.
~Control the Backlight brightens.
~Shadow browsing.
~Address Auto complete, Speed Dial,Synchronization, Page Saving, Skins.
~Own Color Skin Maker in "ChangeSkin".
~Power-User Setting and Debug Setting in "Special" Setting Function.
~Copy Full Text Box Texts to Clipboard.
~Screenshot feature added.
~Option for Sending SMS.
~Option for 'minimizing'.
~"View url info" feature added (place your cursor on a link and view the url).
~You can put unlimited text in the box.
~And many more.Its features are endless.

Whats Update in Opera Mini Mod 4.2 Test 12:
~ Private tab
~ Fixing tabs
~ Change of rendering the logo and stuff.
~ Transfer settings to the saved pages.
~ typed the address is added to the top of the list.
~ The value of shade when you enter an address combined with a total blackout.
~ Change of schedule.
~ The list of "shortcut" was too "long" item. Edit display settings, and view some of the menu.
~ At the bottom off the curb, did not work pressing the stylus on the "lower" command from the open menu.
~ at mikroemulatore were incorrectly placed team duplication softkeys
~ Double firing commands from the soft-keys on Jbed.
~ Correction of drawing strips commands with disconnected lower curb.
~ When the shading is turned off and the lower borders, shading does not draw on the ground of the lower border.

Download Opera Mini mod 4.2 test 12:
Opera mini mod 4.2 test 12.jar
Opera mini mod 4.2 test 12

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