Monday, December 20, 2010

Google Body Browser To Be Launched Soon

Google is now launching another innovation and this is something that can be able to see through our bodies. Google, one of the largest internet search engine, is unveiling high apps in the browser that will map out the human body.

This Google Body Browser would help be used to help us understand human anatomy therefore it can also advance medical research. Today the project is still on its starting stage and it would work like the concept of Google Earth. Up to now Google is still quite about the whole thing but offers a sneak peak on how the tool would work.

This Body Browser from Google would usher new internet technology which is referred to as WebGL. With this tool, one can be able to see 3D graphics in web pages without the need for Java or Flash. A person who has actually witness this new technology says that it can help students who are pursuing medical education. Google today has now Web GL supported browsers.

Firefox and Google Chrome have also starting beta versions of this new technology. For a lot of internet users, this is something that can change their lives especially since they would be learning about their human body. In the next few years, this application can be applied to almost anything.

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