Thursday, December 02, 2010

Google Earth 6 Offline Installer

Google has just released Google Earth 6 with new features. The three new features that has been added are ‘integrated Street View, 3D trees and better historical Imagery’. This new version brings full and seamless street view integration. You can able to see 3D trees all over the world. The latest version of Google Earth is available for Windows, OS X and Linux.

To enjoy 3D experience of streets, make sure you turn on 3D on the left panel. Search for your location and once you arrived on your destination, click the zoom slider. You’ll then be taken down to the ground where you can use new ground-level navigation to walk among the trees.
With Google Earth 6, it’s very easy to discover historical imagery. If historical imagery is available for your are, the date of the oldest imagery will appear and if you click on the date, you’ll instantly be taken back in time to view imagery from that time period.
Check out the video to know more about new features of Google Earth 6.
Download the Google Earth 6 and fly down to the streets and navigate streets in 3D view like never before. You can download Google Earth 6 from official website but they will give you an online installer. But if you want to download the offline installer you can download it here.

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