Sunday, January 02, 2011

Direct PC to PC Data Transfer, Share CD/DVD & Internet Connection

Sharing Internet Connections or sharing CD/DVD when not available is really hectic work. But now I have found out an Amkette Flash Link device which makes the internet sharing and synchronizing lot more easier that you can assume.

Amkette Flash Link is a multipurpose tool which will allow any one who has the device to transfer data from one PC to another, internet and networking sharing without the need of router and CD as well as DVD sharing easily. With Flash Link from Amkette you can easily exchange music, videos and data files with your friends & colleagues both ways.

Amkette Flash Link device has the following advantages & uses in the practical world:

PC to PC Data Transfer

This device lets you transfer any data from one computer to another at a speed of 20 Mbps which means that you can easily copy 1GB of data in less than 1 minute. So you have no problem now in moving from home to office, office to home since you can transfer your files and carry it all along providing synchronization between the two PCs. It can also store up to 256 MB of data through onboard memory and uses USB 2.0 plug-n-play functionality.

Internet & Network Sharing
In the real world network sharing, printer sharing, internet sharing & file sharing is really hard. Internet sharing is impractical without router and modem. But with the Amkette Flash Link you can share internet connection from one to PC to another easily and take the advantage of playing games in network, stream music and movies and sharing printers & other hardware easily.
The main reason would love to have this device is it capability of internet sharing without any router or switch.

CD/DVD Drive Sharing
This devices makes it easier to sharing DVD/CD if your laptop or PC doesn’t have one. So now no need to have separate DVD writer for each PC or netbook.

Outlook Mail Sync
You can also synchronize Microsoft Outlook between two computers and take a regular backup of your data.

Amkette Flash Link is priced at Rs 990 and can be order from Amkette Site with 1 year warranty. It supports Windows XP/2000/Vista/NT/Windows 7 operating system PCs.

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