Sunday, January 02, 2011

Download Maxthon Mobile Browser v1.1 For Android Phones

A new internet browser for Android based mobile phones.

Seize your web with Maxthon for Android! The first Android browser with RSS feeds widget.
Focus on browser technology. User experience comes first.
Read RSS feeds on your desktop. Add and edit your RSS feeds. Scroll the feeds on desktop and get the latest news.
Place the most visited sites on your new tab. Easy to use. View last closed tabs and the most visited sites. Seize your surfing.
Use gesture to create, close and switch tabs without click. You can create your own gestures in Advanced settings.
  • Travel first reader - enjoy the unique personality of the reading experience 
  • Multi-tab browsing - relaxed fun browsing mode 
  • "Gesture + multi-label" - subversive browsing feel 
  • Personalized speed dial page - fast and convenient access method 
  • Download Manager - easily organize, never broken
  • Android 1.6 or later

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