Saturday, February 05, 2011

Biometric Wallet from Dunhill to Protects Your Money

Dunhill introduced a wallet that uses biometrics to protect your money and credit. This Stylish and high-tech wallet has a biometrics layer to maximize security. In order to open, you need to scan your finger over a sensor and it'will open only if matches.

The wallet is named "Virtually Indestructable" and excellence in quality also has sensors in its carbon fiber casing. Dunhill's also added the Bluetooth and can be used to hook up to your phone. If the phone senses that the wallet is more than 5 meters away from it, indicating that it's missing or stolen, the phone will sound an alarm. If someone manage to steal the wallet off you will be hard pressed to get to the cash without the use of your finger.

The great wallet not cheap though and available at price only $825 (Rs. 37,950). I think cost is more than the case we'll put inside after purchasing it.

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