Saturday, February 05, 2011

Android is Now no 1 Smartphone Platform and Nokia is Top Manufacturer

According to new reports Android now surpassed Symbian in the fourth quarter of 2010 to become the number one smartphone platform in the world. The total of 32.9 million Android phones sold in the last quarter where only 31 million Symbian phones sold in same time. In 2010 Nokia is the top manufacturer while ZTE at 4th place and shipped more handsets than RIM globally.

According to report by Canalys, Android was the number 1 OS in last quater 2010 with an impressive 615% growth to 33.3 million units shipped. The Windows Phone 7 handsets are also going better and 3.1 million WP7 phones shipped in Q4 2010. All big manufacturer like LG, Samsung, Acer and HTC sold good no. of Android-based smartphones and they grew 4,127%, 1,474%, 709% and 371% respectively in Q4 2010.

Also in the US market in Q4 2010, Android was a largest smart phone platform with shipments of 12.1 million units which was nearly three times of BlackBerry.

HTC and Samsung together at nearly 45% of all Android phone shipments. In Japan, Android shipments have taken off over the past year, with nearly 1.4 million units shipping from local as well as international vendors, such as HTC.
According to IDC (International Data Corporation) Worldwide Mobile Phone Tracker, Nokia overall unit volume slipped 2.4% in the fourth quarter whereas Samsung reached a new milestone in 4Q10, pushing through the 80 million unit threshold for the first time in the company's history. LG Electronics crossed the 30 million unit mark for the quarter, due in part to the success of Optimus One smartphone sales across multiple regions.

The Chinese company ZTE sold 51.8 million cell phones in 2010 compared to just 26.7 million in 2009, which is 3 million more than what RIM managed. BlackBerry rank down to fifth place globally, while Apple is not in top 5 and Sony Ericsson, Motorola and HTC are shifted to 6th, 6th and 8th position respectively. The the mobile phone phone market globally achieved 17.9% growth in 2010 according to corrected and updated report from IDC

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