Saturday, February 26, 2011

NetQin Reported a New Android Malware Stealing Your Private Data

NetQin Antivirus discovered a new mobile malware attacking Android smartphones. NetQin Mobile, a mobile security software provider, has reported about another dangerous virus named “Hong Tou Tou” has been spotted in China. There are two types of this malware, 1st "BD.HongTouTou.A” was discovered on 18th Feb, and 2nd “BD.HongTouTou.B” was discovered 22nd Feb.

The new virus “Hong Tou Tou” attempt to connect to network in the background and will collect all your private information stored in the phone, encrypt it and send it to a remote server controlled by the author. This virus is also capable of analyzing private data and sending it to a remote server. The virus uses certain keywords to search and find interesting information.

According to NetQin Mobile, the BD.HongTouTou.A gread user by offering some form of reward to download and install the app the by hiding itself in legitimate apps such as the well known game RoboDefense. And the BD.HongTouTou.B offer user to download and install the mobile app under the name "Dynamic Footprint Wallpaper". After being installed and one they activated, it will connect in the background and attempt to collect the user data, and send it to a remote server.

Also remember that the its the 2nd Android malware virus identified by NetQin Mobile. The first one known as “MSO.PJApps” discovered last month by NetQin. “MSO.PJApps” was come in action due to private data leaks and to secretly subscribe users to paid services. Currently both the virus seems to target only Chinese users but nobody sure when they spread to other countries.
NetQin Antivirus has identified the virus and found a solution to the threat and updated its virus database to ensure that Android device secure again. NetQin Mobile also suggests that those who do not use anti-virus software must be alert for unusual behaviors of their phones, such as “rogue” network connections and SMS. User also be ware of Alternative Android App Markets. Currently two of alternative markets app found for Android that target Chinese customers. Coz many of app in them are repackaged or not submitted by the original developer and such apps ask for more permissions than the original app.

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