Sunday, July 03, 2011

Download Opera mini mod 4.21 beta 5 En

Opera mini mod 4.21 beta 5 is released yesterday in Russian language and its translated english version is now also available for download. Opera mini mod 4.21 is a series of modification of Opera mini 4.2 browser which provides lots of features and improvements. It has new features like free copy, better skin mode and lots of optimization for best performance.

List of changes made in this version:
  • The selected text can be opened as a reference.
  • Full name in history.
  • For devices with touch screens on the bottom edge instead of a single command "back" arrow, added graphics functions "Back" and "Forward".
  • The notice an error opening the page added to the notification of the successful opening.
  • At Start Page, full-line selection of links.
  • In bookmarks, templates and history by a selection of links to the full width of the page.
  • Edit the boot loader: saving settings and removing after completion.
All credits goes to DG-SC team for modification and Priatama for translation.

Download Opera mini mod 4.21 beta 5 english from below:

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