Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Download Opera Mobile 11.5 for Symbian Platform

Opera Team releases another major update of Opera Mobile for Symbian platforms. Just over 3 weeks ago Opera team also released Opera Mobile 11.5 for Android. The release was the most successful Android Opera Mini release in history! Millions of downloads, thousands of 5 star ratings. Now the same great features found in that Android release are now available for Symbian users. Including Data Usage view and a core upgrade to Opera Presto version 2.9.201.

Opera Mobile 11.5 will now show you exactly how much data you have spent and saved. A dedicated page, easily accessible from the help menu inside the Opera Mini, keeps count of how much data you are spending and saving.

The number of megabytes saved while using the Opera Mini browser can directly translate into money saved if you are roaming or on a pay-as-you-go plan for data traffic. For people on capped data plans, this is a handy feature to make sure you don't max out reaching those slow, punishing network speeds you might encounter after using up your allowance.

What's new in this version

Opera Mobile 11.5 S60: change log
  • Added Data Usage view
  • Added star bookmark in URL
  • Added support for system bookmarks
  • Added support for Symbian Status Bar, Notification Bar
  • Added new Turbo setting (disabled on wifi but enabled on cellular network)
  • Added support for cache on mass storage/SD card on selected devices
  • Improved youtube/RealPlayer integration
  • Improved localization for more languages
  • Device-specific improvements and fixes
  • Fixed various stability and performance issues
  • Core update 2.9.201
Opera Mobile core 2.9.201 change log
  • ECMAScript 5.1, including strict mode
  • Optimized memory consumption of JS engine
  • HTML5 microdata
  • New IDNA specification implemented
  • Network performance improvements
  • CSS 2.1 compliant display:list-item
  • SVG optimizations
  • Support the intermediate state for Checkboxes
You can directly download latest version of Opera Mobile by visiting site.

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