Sunday, May 02, 2010

UC Browser - The next generation Browser

Have you ever seen the difference while surfing the internet through mobile and PC? Do you know the basic difference between the websites and wapsites? Actually websites are designed for the PC browsers (like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, etc.) and the wapsites (wap means wireless application protocol) are specially designed for mobile device.
While browsing through mobile you are not able to use full features of websites. (for example open this website from your PC: http//, now open the same site from your mobile's default web browser. This site will formatted for your mobile device. Actually here your mobile browser will shawn the wapsite of google ( Now you can see the difference of both website and wapsite of google). You can see the screenshot of both sites here. Now I think you are understand the difference between the websites and wapsites.

 But nowadays technoligies are growing very fast. There are so many mobile which are able to open websites, but this mobile device does not support full javascript. For that you need java software browserd for your mobile. There are so many java browsers available for free like opera, ucweb, bolt, teashark, etc. But The best mobile web browser for java phones is UCWEB or UCBROWSER. UCweb is a chinese mobile browser specially build for mobile phones. It is now also available in english ohter platforms like symbian, android, i-phone, etc. You can download the latest version of UCweb from official website of ucweb. UCweb has great features like multitab browsing, page rendering and compression for mobile device, inbuilt download manager, zoom mode, mouse mode, bookmark manager, etc. You can open both wap and web sites in your mobile using UCweb. So enjoy!

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