Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Opera 11 Beta Available for Download [New Features]

Last month, Opera launched Opera 11 Alpha, the first version of its browser which supports extensions. It means now you can add extensions in Opera web browser too like you have been doing in Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox for a long time. Now Opera has just released Opera 11 Beta version which will be available for download on 23rd November (The day has already started according to Indian time).

There are many new features added to Opera 11 Beta version:
Reduces Window Installer size
The new installer is written entirely from the beginning by removing all third party applications except 7-zip which is needed to bundle the opera package in a single self-extractable file. The new installer is smaller in size than previous opera versions. Although Unite applications will be downloaded when launched for the first time.
Safer Address Bar

addressbar preview thumb Opera 11 Beta Available for Download [New Features]
  • All web pages gets a badge to the left of the address field. The badge replaces protocols like HTTP, HTTPS and opera as in Google Chrome. Clicking on the badge provides a easy overview of the potentially more complex security state of the current web page.

Opera Extensions
extensions thumb Opera 11 Beta Available for Download [New Features]
It’s the first version of Opera web browser with the extension supports. Extensions can be downloaded from Opera extension page. Althought there are not many extensions available because it’s in the stable version now. As in Google Chrome, you can download and install the extension within few clicks. You don’t need to restart it again after installing a extension unlike in Firefox. It also allows you to automatically update Opera extensions and other unite applications.
Mail Update
mailpanel preview thumb Opera 11 Beta Available for Download [New Features]
Multiple scrollbars have been changed  into one global scrollbar for the mail panel. The scrollbar keeps section headers on the top which allows you to quickly scroll back up to them. The new feature merged the old filters, labels and saved searches into the new more powerful labels and all mail search fields into one, which enables you to search wherever you want, with the help of a new toolbar that appears when searching.
The stable version as of now is Opera 10.63 and Alpha version is Opera 11. As I said above, Opera 11 Beta will be available on 23rd November on the Official website. But those who are reading this post can download now icon smile Opera 11 Beta Available for Download [New Features] . This is the ftp link of Opera 11 beta.

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