Monday, December 20, 2010

New Features Of Facebook Exposed

A few hours ago, the most popularsocial networking site today which isFacebook had a downtime. This is not part of schedule maintenance but rather a mistake. There are number of betafeatures that have become live for about 45 minutes.

This includes Lightbox UI, Memories option, Outside World and others. There are some lucky people who get a glimpse ofFacebook’s upcoming features. The company admitted that some of such mistake according to their official twitter andfacebook accounts.

Memories option is a timeline that shows your previous status, photos, updates and others. It is like a walk through the memory lane using your Facebook.Another prototype feature is the Outside WorldFeature in which you can add RSS feeds of some websites. This is something that is only available for now to Facebook staff. Lightbox UI for Photos is like the resemblance of what is being used in Flickr.

As well know, many loves photos where they can browse, upload and get tag. With this new feature, one can click on it and it will become the center of the monitor. Everything will become black in the background. Definitely these changes are somewhat exciting especially in the next few months.

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