Saturday, February 19, 2011

Now Count Your Calories With Sugar Free’s New Mobile App

For those of you who are health conscious and very strict on daily calories intake, here is a mobile app that could do away with any daunting method of counting the calories burnt in your body. Sugar Free, owned by Zydus Wellness, has launched a mobile app that will help smartphone users do that in a simple way.

In an exclusive report by AFAQS, apart from calculating the calories burnt, the app will also enable the users to calculate the number of steps taken, average speed and distance travelled by the user as they go for a walk or use the stairs instead of the lift.

The working of the app is also quite simple. The app uses the accelerometer function of smartphones. It is programmed with information of the user including age, height, weight and gender so as to output the “calories burnt” details. The app also has a social element in it as it allows users to submit or share their details on Facebook and Twitter. Conceptualized by WHO! (Rediffusion Y&R), Step-o-meter is free of cost and will be available soon in Android Marketplace and iTunes. Moreover, it will also be available on Symbian based smartphones.

Healthcare sector is certainly changing its face with the rapid evolution of smart phones and tablets. In a report by research2guidance entitled “Global Mobile Health Market Report 2010-2015”, Healthcare Apps Will Serve 500 Million Smartphone Users By 2015. This will be out of 1.4 billion smartphone users. It also mentions that 43% of the applications are primarily designed for healthcare professionals and as many as 17,000 mobile health apps are available across various app stores. This sea rise in the space can certainly be attributed to the present ecosystem of smartphones and readiness amongst users and practitioners to finally use technology.

For instance, companies are now developing apps to help people monitor their BP and diabetes via their smartphones. The data can be stored in the user’s account and kept for future reference/ monitor either by the doctor or himself. Even Apple’s iPad has become a revolutionary tool in the healthcare space.

In another report by Pyramid Research entitled “Health Check: Key Players in Mobile Healthcare” there are more than 200 million mHealth apps in use today and the figure is expected to increase three fold by the year 2012. That literally is 600 million, which means by around that time one of every 17 people on Earth will be using an mHealth app.

To be more precise, the mHealth sector is going for a big boom with developers mushrooming up everywhere. In india, Philips Innovation Campus (PIC) in Bangalore, a division of Philips Electronics India Ltd, is all set to centre dedicated to creating mobile applications spanning lighting, healthcare and consumer lifestyle products, leading the company’s global efforts, reports LiveMint.

Let us watch how the trend picks up over time.

The app from Sugar Free has also come at an opportune time. For those of you who have not tried it out yet, here is the link to download it. The upcoming packages of Sugar Free Natura will also carry the address to download this app. So far, 5000 downloads have been registered on the website.

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